JMC Board Exam


For the candidate to be eligible to sit for the Jordan board Exam in plastic & reconstructive surgery specialty he should:

  1. Pass the high school certificate (science branch).
  2. Have the Primary (Basic) Medical Bachelor degree from a recognized institute or medical college.
  3. Complete one year of internship training in a recognized hospital.
  4. Pass, the Jordan Board Certificate Exam in General Surgery or Equivalent.
  5. Completed 3 years of continuous training in a plastic & reconstructive surgery unit with reasonable number of beds for plastic, reconstructive & burn management with not less than 2 highly certified consultants in plastic & reconstructive surgery with good hands on experience & familiarity with all technical procedures commonly used in plastic & reconstructive surgery.
  6. Candidate must have hold positions of increasing responsibilities during these years of training.
  7. Candidate is required to provide the Board with compilation of operative procedures he performed or assisted, during these years of training.

Evaluation and Examination

  1. The Exam. For Jordan Board in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery will be held twice a year according to the instructions of the Jordan Medical Council.
  2. The Language of the Exam is English.
  3. Place: - as assigned by Jordan Medical Council.
  4. The Written Exam is composed of one paper & one hundred question covering:
    A- Basic Plastic Surgical Sciences:
    1. Anatomy:- Related to plastic & reconstructive surgical subjects.
    2. Pathology:- Including bacteriology virology & parasitology).
    3. Physiology:- Including pharmacology & basic anaesthesiology).
    4. Other Basic Plastic Surgical Principles & Techniques.
    5. Basic Surgical Intensive Care & Management related to plastic surgery.
    B- Includes advanced Esthetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgical Subjects: The Exam is a single or multiple choice examination according to instructions of the Exam. Committee.
  5. Oral & clinical Exam: The candidate should pass the written part by NOT LESS THAN 60% of the marks of the written exam to sit for the oral exam. This part includes:
    • Clinical cases presentation, discussion & management: one long case & short cases.
    • Slides & specimens of plastic surgical cases, problems or subjects.
    • Oral Exam:- including different aspects, principles, operative, surgical pathology and management in plastic & reconstructive surgical science.


Written 50
Oral & Clinical Clinical 30 50
Oral, Slides & specimens 20



As assigned by the Jordan Medical Council.

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